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Contoh Soal TryOut ke-1 B.Inggris

Question 1 to 12are based on a selection of reading materials. You have to choose the correct answer.
Number 1 and number 2 are related
Employers from around the country are interested in talking with you!
We have gathered over 100 companies, representing a variety of industries. To meet with you at the JAKARTA JOB FAIR on Saturday and Sunday, May 7th -8th from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00. p.m. Location: Jakarta Convention Center, Jln. Gunung Mas No. 34/Jakarta Pusat 16007.
  1. Where will the fair be held?
    A. At employer's office.
    B. At locations around the country.
    C. At the meeting center in Jakarta Convention Center.
    D. In Jakarta Convention Center
Come to the fair soon.Parking is available, no registration is necessary. Bring copies of your resume.
For more details, call our JCC office at: 021-415627125 / 021-415627126

Email :
  1. What should interested readers do?
    A. Send the employers their resume
    B. Call to register
    C. Go to the fair
    D. Check the websit
Error Recognition Question from number 3 to 10!
  1. Edi: "Let’s go to the JAVA MALL, Clara. "
      A                                          B
Clara: "If I finished my homework, I want to go with you there."
                                             C                              D
  1. Wendy: "I can like to reserve a single room, please?"
A                                 B
Receptionist: "All right.For how many nights, Ma’am?"
                            C                               D
Wendy: "Two nights, please."

5. Tania: Andigot 10 in English. He is the smarter in the class.
       A                                             B
Suzan: yes, that’s right Tan. I want to be like him.
                                       C                               D
6. Rizal      : Excuse me, which novel is yours ?
David    : The novel whose is on the table is mine. Where is yours?
                                     B                                  C
       Rizal     : I put it in my bag
7.   Adam   : How did you feel after joining “ Edmodo training”?
 Irwan    : In the first part  I was really bored because  of the speaker, but  in the second
                       part  everybody felt satisfying  because the 2nd speaker made  all participants
                     easy to understand.
8.      Adelia   : Would I give me discount?
Dela      : I don’t think so. My boss will be angry if I give it to you              
            B                                                              C                                                  Adelia   : Take it easy, just kidding.
  1. Student : What do you think I should do after graduating from vocational school
    A                                      B    
Teacher : I think being an enterpreneur is good than working in a company.
                                                                      C                D
  1. I lost the cassette whom I bought yesterday. I had looked for it everywhere but I could
    A                        B                                                             C             
notfind it

Number 11 and 12  are related
Welcome to the Jogjakarta Public Library. Books can only be borrowed by members. Anyone who resides, works, pays property taxes, or attends school in Jogjakarta, is eligible to be Library member. To be a member you just simply register yourself in the front desk.
11. Everyone can be members of the Jogjakarta Public Library, except....
workers.             C. students.
residents.                  D. travelers.
You will be asked to fill a form, show your ID card, and pay registration fee. Most books can be borrowed for 28 days. Borrowing can be prolonged once for 10 days if no one else wants the book.
12.  What must an applicant do after he/she fills a form?
He/She has to....
A.    Pay registration fee                                   C. Show his/her ID card
B.     Borrow books                                           D. Register in front desk

Questions 13 to 15are related instructions


Before you begin, make sure you’ve connected the player to a TV (an amplifier)correctly and firmly.
1.      Turn on the tv and select the video of RF(ANT VHF) input so that you can
view pictures from this player.

13. “Turn on the TV and select the video or RF (ANTVHF) input”
What is the synonym of “ select “?
A.    Elect
B.     Contact
C.     Connect
D.    Choose

2.      When you’ve connected an amplifier , select the cd player position so that you can listen to the sound from this player.
3.      Press power to turn on the player
4.Press  open/close, and place the disc on the disc tray

14. What will you do after you press the power if you want to play a vcd on a vcdplayer?
A.  Select the video or RF input
B.   Place the disc in the disc tray
C.   Turn on the amplifier
D.  Press the play button

5.      Press the disc tray closes. The player plays all the tracks the once (continuous play)
6.      Adjust the volume on the tv or amplifier.

15. Which step can we manage the volume on the TV or amplifier? Step number....
A.    One
B.     Two
C.     Four
D.    six

Text for Question number 16-18
are related. Complete the sentences with the words given
Elizabeth  has a lot of hobbies and interests. She usually gets up early so she can (16) ....before working. She doesn't have much time to ski, but she occasionally goes on Saturdays during the winter. Elizabeth often rides a horse in a stable near her home.
16.  A. run.                  B. ran                         C. runs                D. has run
She sometimes goes after working, but she usually goes horseback riding on Sundays. She loves music. She always goes to choir practice on Wednesday evenings and sings in church on Sundays. She doesn't have much extra money, so she rarely goes to concerts in the city. She seldom watches TV (17) .....she likes doing things outside.
17.  A. after                 B. because                 C. by                   D. from
She usually goes to the gym if it's raining outside. She isn't often alone because she has a lot of friends. She occasionally does something alone, but she usually does her (18) .....with one of her friends. She's a happy woman!
18.  A. activiting         B.  active                   C. actually         D. activities

19.  Waiter : Excuse me. Are you ready to order?
Dinah   : Yes, can I have fish and chips, and coke? what about you, Sheila?
Sheila  : ....... please.
Waiter : Fish and chips, coke, noodles, and hot tea. I'll be right back.
A. A glass of coke and a bag of noodles
B. A bag of chips and a plate of noodles
C. A bottle of hot tea and a plate of chips
D. A bowl of noodles and a cup of hot tea
20.  Duta : It will be a long weekend next week. What is your plan?
Echa : ... There will be a family outing sponsored by the office.
A. We have gone by a tourist bus
B. We are going to go to Anyer
C. We stayed in a cottage
D. We have a barbecue
21.  Psychologist: What can you say about your childhood?
Client: I'll always remember my sweet time when I was still young. My friends and I loved to play in a small field near our houses and ... our bicycles together.
A. we will ride
B. we're riding
C. we used to ride
D. we will use to ride
22.  Student  : Can I remove the car wheels with spanner no. 10?
Mechanic : No, you can't. ... the bolts.
A. It's too small to loosen
B. It's enough big to loosen
C. It's big enough to loosen
D. It's small enough to loosen

s for Question number 23 to 25 are related

Vietnam Airlines Grows Its Business
Vietnam Airlines has come a long way since it started out in 1956 with a fleet of five small aircraft
. Last year, it took delivery of five Airbus A321s and signed a contract to buy ten Airbus narrow-bodied 321s of which the first plane will be delivered in 2006..
23.  When did Vietnam Airlines fleet consist of only five small aircraft?
A. In 1956
B. In 1957
C. In 20
D. In 2006

Last year, it took delivery of five Airbus A321s and signed a contract to buy ten Airbus narrow-bodied 321s of which the first plane will be delivered in 2006. This July it signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase four 787 Dream liners. The expansion of Vietnam Airlines fleet which also includes new Boeing 777s and Airbus A321s state of the art craft for regional travel is right on schedule.
24.  Why is the expansion of Vietnam Airlines said to be "right on schedule"?
A. Because the airline has come a long way since 1956.
B. Because the purchase includes state of the art aircraft.
C. Because the number of the airlines' passengers is increasing.
D. Because the Airbus will deliver the narrow bodied A321s on time.

In the first six months of 2005, the airline saw its passenger numbers increase by 25 percent, to almost 3 million. Over a third of those passengers are foreigners, and their ranks grew this year as well, by over 30 percent. Travelers are drawn by Vietnam Airlines strong domestic, regional, and international routes: the airline flies to 16 domestic locations and 26 internationa
l destinations.
Vietnam Airlines
25.  What's the main topic of this paragraph?
A. The kinds of planes in Vietnam Airlines' fleet.
B. The international destinations of Vietnam Airlines.
C. The number of A321 s purchased by Vietnam Airlines.
D. The increasing number of travelers flying with Vietnam Airlines.

26.  Adrian     : What does a chef do exactly?
Manager : He supervises the preparation and service of the food from the kitchen to the dining room, arranges the menu and ...
A. carry away the dirty dishes to the pantry.
B. taking care of cleanliness of the kitchen.
C. served drinks to the table in the bar.
D. tastes the food for correct seasoning.

27.  Taufiq : Happy Travel, Taufiq speaking.
Olga     : Hello, Mr. Taufiq. This is Olga ...
Taufiq  : Oh, yes, Miss Olga. I hope you and your family will have a wonderful time.
Olga     : Thank you. We are very excited.
A. I am sad to tell you the truth
B. I liked to talk about the ticket service
C. I am disappointed with the service last night
D. I am calling to confirm my trip to Disneyland
28.  Fahri : You've got a big bonus and incentives, haven't you? ...? I'm hungry.
Vita : Okay, where do you usually have lunch?
A. Why didn't you tell me
B. Why don't you treat me
C. Why didn't you eat lunch
D. Why must we wait for them
Texts for questions number 29 to 30 are related

FROM : Mr. A. Busse
SENT  : 10:15 A.M. Monday, April 10, 2006
TO       : Sales Staff
CC        : Mr. D. Off and Ms. R. Fowler
SUBJECT: Annual Meeting
I am writing to remind you that our annual meeting will be on Tuesday, April 18.
29.  Why did Mr. Busse write the letter?
A. To tell them about the new products of LCD.
B. To remind the sales staff about their annual meeting.
C. To discuss something very urgent about a conference.
D. To ask Mr. Off and Ms. Fowler to see him on Friday, April 14.
I want everyoneto be ready with ideas, strategies, and sales forecast for next year. I will be out of town attending a conference on the new products of LCD projectors in Osaka, Wednesday and Thursday. Remember that next Monday is a holiday. Therefore, should you have something urgent to discuss, please see me on Friday, April 14.
Thank you.
30.  What might the sales staff do after reading the letter?
They might ...
A. plan how to spend the extended weekend
B. display the new products of LCD projectors
C. see Mr. Busse before he leaves for the conference
D. think about strategies and sales forecast for next year.

Texts for Questions number 31-33are related

Mecca is Islam's holiest city, home to the Kaaba shrine and the Grand mosque. The city is known for the annual Hajj pilgrimage, being one of the five pillars of Islam. In the 7th century, the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, proclaimed Islam in the city
31. What is the text about?
A. Saudi Arabia                C. The City of Mecca
B.The Size of the City      D. The Location of the City
The city played an important role in the early history of Islam and now it is an important trading center. After 966, Mecca was led by local Sharifs, until 1924, when it came under the rule of the Saudis. In its modern period, Mecca has seen a great expansion in size an infrastructure.
32. Why is Mecca important?
A. It has more than 2 million inhabitants.
B. It has a modern infrastructure.
C. It is a world trade center.
D. It is a holy city.

The modern day city is located in the capital of Saudi Arabia's Makkah Province, in the historic Hejaz region. With a population of 1, 700,000 (1008), the city is located 73 kilometers (45 miles) inland from Jeddah, in a narrow valley, and 27 meters  (910 ft) above sea level.
33. This paragraph tells us about....
A. history of the city
B. location of the city
C. the present condition of the city
D. the land area of the city

34.  Almira   : Why don’t you go to bed? …
Sarah     : Yeah. I’m so tired because I had shooting until 3.00 after midnight.
Almira   :  It’s time for you to take a rest, then.
A. You look sleepy                    C. You appear fresh
B. You look angry                       D. You feel thirsty
35.  Yudha : My school will hold farewell party to end this academic year next Saturday. There will be ST12 Band performing their latest songs.
Yossy : It must be very interesting.
Yudha : Yeah. Each student can take one friend to the party, ...
Yossy : Sure. I'd love to. It would be a great party.
A. Would you come to the birthday party?
B. Could you sing the popular songs in the party?
C. Could you find another ticket for our friend?
D. Will you come along with me?
36.  Bella   : Fantastic! ... It matches your blouse well.
Chika : Thanks. My niece gave it to me on my birthday.
A. What dress is that?        C. You are very beautiful!
B. What a lovely dress!       D. How nice is her gown?
37.  First, the empty yogurt cups are brought to the filling line by an automatic conveyor. Then the cups are filled automatically. Next the cups are sealed. After that, the sealed cups are packed in boxes by hand. The boxes are then placed on the pallets. Next, the pallets are wrapped and taken to dispatch.
The main idea of the text is ...
A. the machines of food production               C. the process of filling
B. the instrument of automatic machine       D. the material for yogurt
38.  Citra : We could be late arriving at the train station. How about taking a taxi?
Hari : I don’t think so. ... whereas there are seven us.
A. It has a good driver
B. It can only load 4 passengers
C. It can take us to the station
D. It has more space for us to ride
Texts for Question number 39-41 are related
After graduating his high school, Hemingway left home and went to Kansas city. He didn’t go to college, instead, he got a job as a reporter on the Kansas city Star. Working for this newspaper, he developed his famous journalistic style: simple, direct and objective.

39.  What did Hemingway do after graduating his high school?
A. He stayed home.
B. He went to college.
C. He developed his style.
D. He worked as a reporter.

Working for this newspaper, he developed his famous journalistic style: simple, direct and objective.
40.  “Working for this newspaper, he developed his famous ...” The synonym of the
underlined word is ....
A. Popular
B. Excellent
C. Well done
D. Well prepared

When the war broke out in 1914, he wanted to become a soldier but he was rejected because of an old eye problem. Not wanting to miss the action, he went to Europe any way and served as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross. In 1918, shortly before the end of the war, he was wounded and had to return to the states, but he didn’t stay long. As soon as he was better, he was back in Europe, this time as a reporter for the Toronto Star.
41.  This paragraph tells that Hemingway ....
A. preferred higher education
B. wanted to be a good driver
C. liked working in any condition
D. developed his military career
Questions 42 - 43are related

       At the age of 40, Tom Bloch was the head of H&R Block, a huge company that helps people prepare their tax forms. He was very successful. Although Bloch earned a lot of money, he wasn’t very happy. He spent too much time at work and didn’t have enough time to spend with his family. Suddenly, he left H&R Block and became a teacher in a poor neighborhood. “ I want to help people who don’t have the opportunities like I had,” Bloch explained
  Learning to control the students was hard at first. But the rewards-helping the children
and hearing students say he’s their favorite teacher-are great. Besides, Bloch is able to spend more time with his family now.

         42. Why did Bloch leave his job as the head of H&R Block ?
      A. His salary was not enough to support his family.
      B. He would like to help people prepare their tax form’
      C. He couldn’t manage his position as the head of H&R Block.
      D. He wanted to have enough time for his family.

“ I want to help people who don’t have the opportunities like I had,” Bloch explained

          43. “ I want to help people who don’t have  the opportunities like …….. “
The synonym of the underlined word is ………………………
      A. chances
      B. properties
      C. offences
      D   characters

44.  We have been running the youth Camp ... five years.
A. before
B. after
C. since
D. for
45.  Could you send me the catalog to ... the prices?
A. verifying
B. verified
C. verification
D. verify
46.  They were not allowed to enter the class room, because it ...
A. cleans                        C. is cleaned
B. cleaned                    D. was cleaned
47.  Royhan: Aliya is very friendly, isn't she?
Janet  : you are right, ... she is rich, she is not proud.
A.  although                   C. inspite of
B. despite                     D. because
48.  Mr. Hardi is a hard worker. He works ... than Mr. Raju
A. harder                    C. most hard
B. more harder           D. hardest
49.  Miss Tia ... house is next to ours has been studying in German for 3 years.
A. who                          C. where
B. whom                       D. whose
50.   Yolik   : There is a problem with this camera. It doesn’t work. ...?
                  Diky   :  I’m not sure I can fix it. Let’s find a repair shop.
           A. Do you know how to use it
                 B.Would you mind checking it out
C.       Can you take some pictures for me
D.       Will you show me the instruction


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